Protecting And Maximizing Your Assets

Our Mission and Strategy

AlThani protects client assets for current and future generations and maximizes long-term portfolio performance in accordance with client investment horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, income needs and tax circumstances.

AlThani advises on the overall wealth of the client and manages customized portfolios. AlThani’s offering includes consolidation of assets, asset allocation, manager and asset selection and monitoring, evaluation of direct investment opportunities, and management of relationships with external manager and banking institutions.

Experience shows that active, professional, and independent wealth management can result in dramatic differences in family wealth over time.

Alternative/Private Investments

​Commodities – Private Equity – Hedge Funds – Real Estate – Private Debt

Alternative investments offer reduced correlation to public markets and can enhance portfolio returns

Opportunity for higher risk-adjusted returns due to reduced market efficiency

Portfolio diversification benefits as a result of low correlation to equities and fixed income

A Global Distribution Network

AlThani has distinguished itself through its core principles of reliability, transparency, judgment, innovation and a relentless focus on generating superior results. We combine the breadth of our global assets and resources with an entrepreneurial approach and personalized service, offering individual and institutional clients tailored alternative investment opportunities.

Our US $12.6bn of assets under management are diversified across three continents, six asset classes and numerous product lines. Accessed through our highly personal and responsive service and global distribution platform, it offers an increasingly diverse portfolio of investment opportunities for discerning investors everywhere. With our diversified asset classes and product offerings,

AlThani is also the largest alternative asset manager in the Middle East.

Credit Management

AlThani Credit Management is a leading global credit manager with assets under management of approximately US $10 billion. the business manages funds that invest primarily in senior secured corporate credit and private debt issued by mid- and large-cap corporates in the US and Western Europe.

We have a 25-year history of providing attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors across a variety of income-generating products. Our global sourcing platform and proprietary distribution allow for access to attractive investment opportunities and market timing. Our platform is further enhanced by Investcorp’s strong balance sheet, and frequent position as an investor, fostering further alignment with our investors.

Private Equity

Middle East and North Africa

AlThani’s Private Equity Middle East North Africa (PE MENA) team makes investments in mid-cap companies in the MENA region and partners with families/sponsors with both majority or minority investments. We also opportunistically invest in international companies that have strong ties with the region. Since 2002, we have looked at approximately 2,000 opportunities, deploying about US $2 billion across 22 investments. Across our 8 portfolio companies, we have executed more than 16 add-on acquisitions to date.

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