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Welcome To Al Thani finance partners

Al Thani finance partners is a leading global financial services provider of managed services, technology solutions, and consulting.

Al Thani finance partners has a unique combination of experience in Financial Services and technology innovation capability. With offices around the globe, we work with top financial institutions to help them comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs, innovate their business models, and leverage leads.

We stick to serving our clients with excellence in what we deliver. This is not just the amount of financial benefits or quality of reports but also the sense of partnership and trust we build with our clients. Our focus on people and organizational dynamics makes us special and enables us to deliver results.

What We Do

Alternative/Private Investments



Private Equity


Hedge Funds


Real Estate

Online money transfer companies

Private Debt

Happy Young Couple Discussing With Mature Consultant

Board of Directors

Mr Adel Mohd Al Thani

Ceo chairman

Why Choose Us